Pacific Rim (2013) - About the Movie

Pacific Rim – Super-Robots and Super-Monsters in a Super Sci-Fi Romp from the Depths of Guillermo del Toro’s Imagination!

Would it be fair to say that Pacific Rim took the sci-fi world by surprise? Not exactly – we pretty much knew from the moment it was announced we’d be looking at a serious summer blockbuster. And so it proved, as the chaos and carnage of Guillermo del Toro’s deepest, darkest imagination once again translated to an outright masterpiece of epic proportions. But what turned out to be most surprising about Pacific Rim was how incredibly popular it was (and still is) outside the United States and the usual key box-office territories.

Unforgettable, inimitable and just the kind of romp to make you feel six-years-old again – isn’t that what every solid sci-fi flick should be out to accomplish?

Pacific Rim – Background and Plotline

As far as the plot goes, let’s just say Pacific Rim tells a story we’re all lucky never happened for real…and hopefully won’t. It’s the year 2013…as in the year the movie was released in…and a series of coastal cities are under attack. A brutal bunch of colossal beasts known as Kaijus keep making an unwelcome appearance courtesy of a dimensional portal right at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean – known as ‘The Breach’ – and are playing merry-hell with our way of life. In order to mount something of a fightback, the nations of the Pacific Rim (clever, right?) get together to build an army of machines, equal in size, power and ferociousness to the monsters threatening the planet. These humanoid war machines go by the name of Jaegers and are controlled by a minimum of two pilots, whose brains are directly linked to the machine for complete and total control.

Unfortunately, the humans may have done a pretty good job in warding off the attacks of the Kaijus for a while, but as the years pass, their attacks become more frequent and the monsters themselves become more massive and powerful than ever before. By the year 2025, the governments of the Pacific Rim countries decide that the current Jaeger initiative just isn’t cutting it, deciding instead to scrap the war machines entirely and instead just build a huge wall to protect their cities. In order to watch over things while the construction of the walls goes ahead, the final four Jaegers deemed capable of doing so are put into battle off the coast of Hong Kong to protect the city. And despite prior efforts to do exactly the same having proved entirely ineffective, Jaeger commander Stacker Pentecost believes it’s worth once again trying to close or destroy The Breach once and for all using a nuclear bomb.

Will the soon-to-be-redundant Jaegers manage to fend off the attacks of the increasingly powerful Kaijus? Will the wall ever be completed? Will it offer and real defence? Can The Breach truly be destroyed or sealed?

We could tell you, but you’ll have a hell of a lot more fun finding out for yourself – you’re already pretty late to the Pacific Rim party!


Pacific Rim was released on July 11, 2013, though a bunch of lucky fans were invited to an early test screening in the first week of February. The guys at Warner Bros. had originally planned to get it out in the wild no later than July 2012, but it turned out that cramming such an immense plot and epic action into just over two hours proved a more mammoth task than even they’d realized. It proved to be an immediate hit in the US, but what surprised most pundits was how biblically successful Pacific Rim would prove to be elsewhere. In fact, Forbes singled the movie out as a "rare English-language film in history to cross $400 million while barely crossing $100 million domestic” – a pretty surprising turn of events to say the least!

Reviews and Reception

In terms of reception, it was never going to be a tale of anything but wall-to-wall praise for Pacific Rim. After all, you only went to see it in the first place if you were well and truly into this kind of sci-fi, or at least had an affinity with the work of Mr. del Toro. Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 72%, which really isn’t bad going at all for such a niche-genre movie. Sci-fi fans were of course blow away, but even the most objective and hard-to-please of critics gave the double-thumbs-up to Pacific Rim.

Guillermo del Toro's paradoxically derivative yet imaginative sci-fi epic is everything that monster movies since the beginning of time might have wished they could be.

The Hollywood Reporter

This is a cheekier brand of Armageddon — del Toro is giving scope to a boyhood lust for mayhem, the multi-million-dollar equivalent of kicking over sandcastles and torturing insects. There is something infectiously juvenile in that. Catch his Drift and you’ll have a brawl.


If I were nine years old, I would see the monsters-versus-robots adventure "Pacific Rim" 50 times. Because I'm in my forties and have two kids and two jobs, I'll have to be content with seeing it a couple more times in theaters and re-watching it on video.

Matt Zoller Seitz,

Pacific Rim begins by defining two new words. The first is "Kaiju", which means giant beast in Japanese, and the second is "Jaeger", which is German for hunter. Over the next two hours and 11 minutes, the film goes on to offer a bold, exhaustive and utterly convincing definition of a third word: fun. Whatever our ages, del Toro’s miraculous entertainment boosts us all up to its gleeful point of view, where cities become adventure playgrounds and oceans pools to paddle in. Giant robots, it turns out, can be great levellers.

Robbie Collins, The Telegraph

Sequel – Pacific Rim 2…and 3?

The really good news for those a still hankering after an even bigger slice of Jaeger action is that after months of silence and dismal doubt, del Toro has once again been speaking openly about the next instalment of the Pacific Rim franchise. Along with confirming the beginning of production as of late-2015 and a targeted 2017 release date, we’re reliably informed that the plot of Pacific Rim 2 will focus on the origins of the Kaijus.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough – the big man himself has also been talking up the prospect of Pacific Rim 3…how cool is that?