Pacific Rim Gallery

As a movie that’s a primarily about outstanding visuals and groundbreaking special effects, it’s hardly surprising that Pacific Rim produced some of the most awesome still imagery ever to come out of Hollywood. We knew it was going to be stunning – and it didn’t disappoint.

So we figured we’d pull together a selection of the very best and most impressive images and still shots from Pacific Rim, just to keep you guys going until Pacific Rim 2 finally sees the light of day…which we’re reliably told it will!


Whichever way you look at it, the real stars of the show are of course the Jaegers. These man-made robotic monsters are not only breathtaking in every way, but you can’t help but wonder whether we’ll one day live in an age where machines like this exist. But then again, if it took the most terrifying monster imaginable to motivate their creation, we be better off not finding out!


Where did these horrible creatures originate from? What’s their agenda? Who calls the shots? When will they return for more? All questions still to be answered, but in the meantime there’s nothing quite like scaring yourself silly with a bunch of ultra-gorgeous images of the Kaiju doing what they do best…keeping the human race seriously busy!

Main Cast Members

Ah, the heroes of the day. Well, some of them anyway, but there’s no denying that whoever you took a shine to or otherwise, this world-class quality cast and crew put on one hell of a show!

Posters and Promo Images

It seems like an age ago that those first teaser, trailers and posted first began emerging – remember that first glimpse that took your breath away? Even today, the posters and promo images for Pacific Rim never fail to stir up deep excitement – and it’s only a matter of time before it all kicks off again with Pacific Rim 2!

Behind the Scenes

Last but not least, if you’re the kind of movie-goer who prefers to take a look behind the magic and see how things really went down... well, let’s just say the epic challenge of bringing Pacific Rim to the big screen was in its own right worth making a movie about!