Pacific Rim Banner Features Epic Jaeger Battle

To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters

The tagline pretty much says it all – the plot and premise of Pacific Rim summed up in six epic words. If you can cast your mind back as far as early 2013, you might remember the moment you first laid eyes on this immediately iconic banner:

Brings back all the excitement in an instant, doesn’t it?

For those of us who weren’t privileged enough to be involved in the making of Pacific Rim, this was one of the first times we’d get to see a still from one of the most important and iconic battles from them away. Australian Jaeger Striker Eureka clearly has its work cut out in fending off the attacks of a truly terrifying Kaiju – the bridge loaded with panicked motorists between them not exactly helping matters!

Mercifully, this wasn’t the only epic banner we’d be treated to in the run-up to the movie’s July 12 launch – we also got another incredibly-quality piece of artwork that was decidedly Kaiju-free.

In this promo banner released pretty soon after the battle banner, fans were given their first look at the colossal efforts required to put together the Jaegers, under the same fantastic six-word tagline. This banner also gave the world a closer look at the three main characters from the movie - Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket, Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost and Rinko Kikuchi Mako Mori – all geared-up and ready to tear the Kaiju a new one!

Last up, the third of the three major promo banners took us back to what Pacific Rim did best – delivering the action!

Clearly the city itself wasn’t doing too well in the wake of these brutal attacks, but still…we had this guy fighting our corner!

Fabulous nostalgia and a time Pacific Rim fans will never forget.

And considering the fact that we now know Pacific Rim 2 is confirmed, happening and coming soon, it looks like we’re in for another huge dose of the same huge excitement!