Pacific Rim Jaeger Details and New Prop Images

Pacific Rim Jaeger Details and New Prop Images

On Guillermo del Toro’s official fan site, the director himself took some time off from his busy schedule of working on a wealth of film and TV projects to share a few new Pacific Rim details with his fans.

** Spoilers below **

As some of you already know, “Jaegers” in Pacific Rim are giant robots piloted by humans. They were created to deal with the ongoing menace by “Kaijus”, or the giant monsters in the film.

“The first monster took VERY long to stop and the material/human loss was huge,” del Toro revealed on his official site. “Kaijus targeted populated areas (no more- spoilers) and vector weapons (missiles, tanks) etc took too long to react against the kaiju’s ever-changing strategy”, he said. “The first few Kaijus were stopped in this manner for over 2 years. Then the first gen Jaeger was tested.”

The director further commented on a few more details pertaining to the type of weapons the Jaegers will be armed with.

“THREE Jaegers have blade-like melee weapons. TWO are knife / sword like since their ammo takes a while to reload or are impossible to reload amidst the battle (rockets).”

And although it has been hinted at that some of the Kaijus can fly, del Toro revealed that it’s not true for Jaegers. “We use thrusters to jump high but not fly”, the director said.

Now, onto a different variety of Pacific Rim news — Several new prop pictures have surfaced from the production of the movie.

The helicopter below is a modified HH-3F Pelican.

Lastly, nothing is yet known as to what the prop is supposed to be below; best guess is it’s some kind of mobile storage for ammo.

Source: Del Toro Films via CBM