Jaeger “Striker Eureka” toy figure unveiled

Jaeger “Striker Eureka” toy figure unveiled

As the 2013 Toy Fair is about to open to the general public, people from various news outlets have had early access to the showrooms. Here’s a nice clear snapshot of the “Striker Eureka” figure courtesy of ComicsAlliance.

pacific rim movie - striker eureka jaeger - toy figure

You’ll find more photos of the Pacific Rim toy line by NECA as well as photos of a jigsaw puzzle and Heroclix in the following link http://deltorofilms.com/wp/2013/02/10/featured/pacific-rim-toys-from-neca

For a clear look at the NECA toy figures for Jaegers “Gipsy Danger” and “Crimson Typhoon”, follow this link

Many thanks to JCP for the news