Pacific Rim: The Video Game

When news first broke that a Pacific Rim video game was very much on the cards, the announcement was met with the same kind of to pant-wetting hysteria as the very first movie trailers themselves. After all, the very concept of Pacific Rim put the guys behind the video game in a unique position where they might in fact not make a complete and total hash of a movie tie-in... which is of course the usual standard.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game screenshot 1

At its core, Pacific Rim focuses on epic battles between gigantic monsters from another dimension and equally enormous robots built by man to defend the Earth. Guillermo del Toro clearly wasn’t massively preoccupied with things like character development or the needless convoluting of plots when he was penning things in the first place, in many respects making it all the more certain that the video game would be a rip-roaring success.

So was it?

Console and PC Versions

Well, it depends on who you ask as just as was the case that the movie itself, you either ‘get’ what Pacific Rim is all about or you don’t. It was always meant to be something of a, excuse to indulge your inner-child and feel as if you were nine-years-old again – simple thrills for pure, unbridled entertainment. Nevertheless, a fair few reviewers both at the time and still today chose to knock the Pacific Rim video game for not putting enough focus on plot, storyline and characters. Which is sort of understandable, but at the same time it isn’t as if they were going for something deep and meaningful – it’s simply a game about clobbering enemies on a titanic scale.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game screenshot 2

And in focusing on this they pulled off something quite fabulous – especially in the game’s multiplayer mode. It’s one thing to pit your wits against the A.I., but things become a million times more enjoyable when you’re actually playing against another human being…even if it’s a foreign stranger on Xbox Live you don’t know from Adam.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game screenshot 3

So while it might not be the deepest of movie tie-ins plot-wise, you can only give huge credit to the team behind the Pacific Rim game as rather than trying in vain and failing to make it something it could never be, they instead did a damn fine job making it what it is…pure fun!

Pacific Rim Mobile Port

Porting games like these over to mobile devices is always a big risk and not always one that pays off. It’s one thing to bring the awesome visuals and soundtrack of a console game over to today’s new generation mobile devices – preserving gameplay on the other hand, not so easy.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game screenshot 4

As for whether or not they pulled it off, reviews and ratings were a mixed back to say the least, but then again they were always going to be – Pacific Rim itself not lighting everyone’s fire. Still, regardless of whether or not this kind of sci-fi beat-em-up is your cup of tea, there’s no denying how well the development team managed to overcome/deal with the enormous challenge of making touchscreen controls in any way usable.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game screenshot 5

But they did it – along with a series of onscreen buttons, the mobile port also supports various swipes and other gestures for maximum user friendliness.

Of course, you can hardly expect the full experience if you’re still working with a rather dated device fronted by a three-inch screen, but you can’t exactly blame this on the game. At least not fairly, anyway.