Reactions from Pacific Rim test screening

Pacific Rim Test Screening – February, 2013

While the launch of Pacific Rim may have been scheduled for early July 2013, a select bunch of incredibly lucky fans and followers were invited to an exclusive February 3 test screening. Considered a God of the geek world, the chance to check out the work of Guillermo del Toro ahead of the pack is the kind of thing a million and one sci-fi fanatics would give their high teeth and the rest for.

At the time of the screening, there was still a bunch of work to be done polishing up the final edit and we were told that visual effects processing was only about 50% complete. Still, they were more than confident enough to show-off this work in progress to those lucky enough to be invited, who judging by the reactions were universally blown away.

Officials from Warner Bros. apparently instructed the audience to keep quiet about what they saw, but when a secret’s this good…well, who can be blamed for broadcasting it far and wide?

Here’s just a few samples of the kind of chatter generated by this exclusive test screening on an idyllically sunny afternoon in Burbank:

Go into Pacific Rim prepared to be transmogrified into a 12 year old. And then to pee your pants with joy. I love it so much.

Tweeted Rian Johnson right after the show, the writer-director known for his work on Brick and Looper.

Just saw an early cut of Pacific Rim and it is pretttttty cool.

The Tweet from one Bryan Chojnowski.

Saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim… it is amazing.

Short but sweet, the thoughts of Eric Church.

So, yeah. You’re going to want to see Pacific Rim.

Added Alex Irvine on Twitter.

And then of course there were those who chose to delve a little deeper into the experience in general – one IMDB user by the name of OriginsOfRuin hitting the headlines all over the world with his rundown of what went down in Burbank:

I just got back from the screening and I freaking loved it. That’s all I can really say, but the FX are flat out incredible (the ones that were done) and the story is solid. I didn’t know Charlie Day was in it, and being a big fan of It’s Always Sunny, that was a pleasant surprise (he fits his role perfectly).

Overall, it’s probably the best summer monster movie I’ve seen, and out of summer movies in general, falls behind the new Batman series, but that’s about it. I wrote on their response form that they should be proud of the movie and that I’m glad it’s not another Transformers clone (re: Battleship). They killed it!

It’s the summer action movie Transformers should’ve been, but failed epically at.

Strong words to say the least, but pretty much right in line with the general consensus following this now historic test screening.

Just saw Pacific Rim. Thank You Guillermo Del Toro, thank you.

Quipped a very grateful Derek Housman.

Screened #PacificRim it's everything you hoped for and more. Also got to meet Guillermo del Toro as well. What a class act. #Blockbuster

AJ Aquino Tweeted after the screening.

I just got home and I haven't done anything. I don't even want people talking to me. I just want to think robots. I won't tell u how fuckin awesome this movie might be & I definitely won't tell u how u might exit the movie feeling six years old again!

Derek Housman threw his own hat into the ring quite vigorously.

Of course, experts at the time were more than adamant that all such comments needed to be taken with a pinch of salt as not only was the crowd specially selected, and the movie itself wasn’t actually finished yet. Nevertheless, time would go on to prove that not only was all such lavish praise well-founded – it was really just the tip of the iceberg.