The Pacific Rim Viral Campaign Begins!

The Pacific Rim Viral Campaign Begins!

The Pacific Rim viral campaign starts today and with it comes a slew of new goodies to entice and entertain long time followers and new fans alike.

First up is a new viral website called Pan Pacific Defense Corps:

A link to a youtube video (we’ll get to that in a little bit) and a countdown timer are all there is for now. The countdown, presumably, is for the premiere of that first Pacific Rim (teaser?) trailer due in December.

Then we have a fictional leaked memo which is written for personnel of the Great Britain Air Command:

The memo asks for candidates from the GBAC to take part in the new Pan Pacific Defense Corp. But only those with exceptional mental and physical capabilities can meet the demands of piloting the Jaeger.

And lastly, we finally get something in video form from Pacific Rim. The following is a mock EBS called Test of the Kaiju Emergency Alert System.

It’s good to hear that the Japanese word “Kaiju” is used. And I’m fairly sure the¬†explanation as to why the Japanese word stuck will be known in the movie.

All of these viral side stories take place, presumably, long before the time when the bulk of the movie occurs. They’re a great build up to what may be the start of an epic franchise.

Source: Total Film