Possible Jaeger Action

Guillermo Del Toro Teases Jaegers Ahead of Pacific Rim Release

In the run-up to the July 2013 release of Pacific Rim, director Guillermo Del Toro apparently wasn’t shy about dropping some teasers regarding the Jaegers that would eventually appear in the summer blockbuster.

Jaegers, for those who aren’t aware of the term, are the large robots in Pacific Rim - all of them tasked to save humanity from the ongoing onslaught of the monstrous Kaiju. The term comes from the German word jager, which means “hunter,” and it’s quite fitting that they were given such a name – their job is to hunt and kill Kaiju - keeping mankind safe from their seemingly ever-present threat. And while readers of the Pacific Rim novels may have already been familiar with the Jaegers that turned up in the movie, Del Toro made sure to offer some teasers to those who weren’t familiar with the books.

In the fall of 2012, an anonymous tipster came upon some video footage of what looked to be a Jaeger in action. This footage came from Del Toro’s website for Mirada, which may sound like the name of a new flick, but is actually the name of his visual effects studio. And while the video no longer exists, many speculated at the time that it may indeed be for Pacific Rim, even with the possibility it would merely be a pre-visualization video and not the real thing.

Still, the content of the video meshed with what Del Toro had said previously about the Jaegers in Pacific Rim. The director was quoted as saying that three of the Jaegers would come with “blade-like melee weapons,” with two of them sporting a knife or a sword. That, according to Del Toro, allowed them to compensate for their “ammo (taking) a while to reload or (being) impossible to reload amidst the battle.”.