Pacific Rim Movie

Possible Pacific Rim Jaeger In Action

We have been recently informed by an anonymous reader of our site about possible footage of a Jaeger in action (Jaegers being the name of the big robots in Pacific Rim).

The source of this footage comes from the website of Guillermo del Toro’s very own Mirada, a studio that does pre-visualization, animatics, story boarding, and visual effects work. And so the following may not be in the film per se, it’s possible that it’s concept art / pre-viz directly related to Pacific Rim.

Also, the footage below is consistent with Del Toro’s recent revelations about Jaegers where he says: “THREE Jaegers have blade-like melee weapons. TWO are knife / sword like since their ammo takes a while to reload or are impossible to reload amidst the battle (rockets).” Source

Nevertheless have a look below and tell us what you think! Skip to the 1 minute 15 second mark to see the footage in question right away.


Thanks to an anonymous reader for the find.

Source of video: