Pacific Rim Trailer

There are certain movies where just get the feeling trailers were made specifically for them and then alone. How much excitement and pant-wetting joy can you really cram into a minute or two? Well, the answer in all its glory can be found in the Pacific Rim trailers that did a pretty good job in stirring up frenzied excitement among the global sci-fi community in the weeks and months before it touched down.

Prior to these bad boys, we had only our imaginations to go on when it came to picturing monsters from another world squaring off against man-made robots the size of skyscrapers. Suffice to say, when the world got its first look at the things in the flesh…sort of…the shockwaves were truly enormous – and are still being felt to this day.

Pacific Rim – Official Trailer 1

Of course it was always going to be the first of the official trailers from Warner Bros. that both carried the biggest responsibility and would be the most memorable. And so it proved, as from that iconic opening shot of a military aircraft carrier transporting something huge, terrifying and definitely not what the average person would classify as an airplane, the scene was set for something truly remarkable.

The guys behind did admirable job of cramming the most important plot elements into just over two and a half minutes, while at the same time giving the world its first look at some of the most astounding special effects anyone had ever seen. Of course if you’ve already seen the movie 10 times you might find it difficult to get too excited about this classic trailer, but try to think back to how it made you feel back in 2013…pretty special, right?

Pacific Rim – Main Trailer

As for the second trailer – officially entitled the movie’s main trailer, the hype generated in the first trailer was capitalized on in a big way. In this instance, rather than simply being introduced to mankind’s latest nemesis on its home turf, we saw the Kaiju’s making their way onto dry land…with spectacular if terrifying consequences. And we also got a glimpse of where they came from…or at least the portal they came through…adding to the huge hype-machine the campaign behind the movie already was.

Honest Trailers Pacific Rim 2013 Trailer

Adding a slightly less serious note to the whole affair, there’s really no denying that the guys at Honest Trailers a seriously talented when it comes to poking fun at pretty much any and every movie ever to hit the big screen. Suffice to say, Pacific Rim was no exception to the rule – in fact they may be pretty clear that as far as they and a fair few others were concerned, the movie as a whole was something of a textbook illustration of how something that is essentially ‘dumb’ can also be unbelievably fun, entertaining and enjoyable.

Or in other words, things don’t have to be realistic and nor do they have to be taken seriously in order for them to be great.

“When giant aliens emerge from this iTunes visualizer at the bottom of the ocean,” preaches the voice-over at the beginning of the trailer.

“The entire world’s resources will be spent on building giant robots to punch them in the face.”

The thing is, you have to be a certain kind of person with a certain ‘fun’ streak and inner-child to get a kick out of Pacific Rim in the first place – chances are you’re exactly the same kind of person who’ll get a kick out of this teaser.

Building Jaegers

And just in case you’d like to find out just how human beings in the real world go about the building of these gigantic robots, check out this amazing ’Behind the Magic’ clip.